Premium: Neoprene Triangl Delilah Fiore Giallo Bikini

37 SGD

Retails for 79 US Dollar = 108.60 Singapore Dollar!

Our first neoprene collection! Do note that quality is top-notch and neoprene are soft as the skin of a seal. Pay for a quality statement piece, treat yo'self!

One thing's certain, you will be the limelight of all. We love the cutting of the bikini which will enhance your figure. Floppy hats, lace up sandals - of course, a big smile is the perfect accessory for the dreamy, beach wanderer.

〰 Padded and opening slot unavailable
〰 In smooth, high-quality fabric
〰 Do not tumble dry
〰 Wash separately
〰 Hand wash cold